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Sampler pack (6x HOP BAR)

HOP BAR® (v2) is packed full of high quality protein goodness, which are 20g protein!


Try all three wonderful flavours:

  • Cappucino & Cacao
  • Salted Caramel
  • Chocolate Orange


Each box contains 6 HOP BARs: 2x of each three flavours.


Our great tasting, high protein, low sugar cricket-based bars let you achieve your goals whilst minimising your environmental impact.


Why active individuals choose HOP BAR® 

• Made using crickets - an exciting, innovative sustainable protein 

• Low in Sugar 

• Gluten Free 

• Each bar saves 44L of water consumption*


* due to the resource efficiency of growing cricket protein compared to beef or whey protein

Sampler pack (6x HOP BAR)

  • The future of nutrition is here! All new flavours of cricket protein bar for athletes and health enthusiasts helps fuel your future!

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