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Cambridge Horizon Scanning competition

A new competition has been launched called ‘Horizon Scanning’. This game changing opportunity is led by Cambridge Industrial Innovation Policy (CIIP) who work to identify value creation opportunities from emerging technologies.

HOP is keen to directly support students and early-career researchers that wish to submit an edible insect proposal.


This outstanding competition is open to current UK students and early-career researchers who are interested in the future of science and technology in order to help advance the world.


15th August 2022


With new world- changing ideas at the forefront of everybody’s mind, this project aims to harness fresh thinkers in creating new methods in order further maximise the futures potential along with creating policy- and decision-makers so that they can respond to the complex political, environmental, and economic challenges of today.

Entrants will be asked to complete a potential future scenario along with a solution to the event occurring, for example "the impact of political, economic, societal, legal, or environmental trends on developments in science and technology e.g. A conflict in Eastern Europe which causes restrictions in energy supply leads to a new ‘space race’ in clean energy development”, or “The impact of developments in science and technology on political, economic, societal, legal, or environmental developments. e.g., Targeted news algorithms lead to erosion of trust in democracy and unrest in the United States.”


The winner is set to receive £1,500 along with having the opportunity to present their ideas to a multi-stakeholder online event hosted by the “IFM later this year.

How to apply

To apply to be part of the future pioneers, you can submit your entry online before August 15th 2022 on

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