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With new feats of endurance, comes new challenges for those who choose them.

For HOP’s ambassador, Louis Alexander, his latest quest will be an incredible adventure which will see 6 team members including Louis Alexander, Darren Edwards, Colin Hayton, Harry Thomas, Nick Beighton and Sally Orange cross one of the biggest shipping lanes in the world, the English Channel.

The team will set off from Dover Harbour to take on the ultimate breadths of the chilling Atlantic ocean and row 23 nautical miles in a target time of 5 hours to support mental health and suicide prevention charities across the UK.

Upon completing the challenge, training and teamwork are the major factors involved for the crew. HOP spoke with Louis Alexander to find out more about this new compelling mission.

HOP asked Louis why he chose to do this exhilarating challenge and what this new experience meant to him. Louis said “....The legend Darren Edwards reached out to me and asked if I would be interested in joining his team in rowing the English Channel. The answer was pretty simple - yes! I have around half a dozen challenges this year, from ultra running to a cross-continental swim, and luckily the row fitted perfectly into my schedule. We are rowing for two incredibly important causes: Ripple Suicide Prevention, which is helping save lives through online intervention, and Shropshire Mental Health Service. It was humbling to have been asked by Darren to join his team in this epic challenge, and play a small part in helping make a big difference with our fundraising."

With making a difference in the world, HOP was keen to find what Louis is most looking forward to whilst completing the challenge, he told us “….The English Channel is well known as being one of the busiest shipping lanes in the world, so I’m really excited for the challenges that it will bring: Rowing in a small rowing boat trying to dodge and weave these big ships and containers. It’s definitely going to make things interesting!”

In training for such a vital challenge, teamwork is key which Louis explained saying that “The team are looking strong! I am in the company of some serious endurance athletes: from team mates who have run the toughest foot race on earth, the Marathons des Sables, to kayaking from Land’s End to John O’Groats. It’s a privilege to be a part of this team, and as a young adventurer, who is now pursuing adventure full-time, I have no doubt I will learn a huge amount from the team….this will be my first challenge out on the water and with so many exciting adventures out there that the oceans have to offer, I’m looking forward to seeing what this could lead to.”

With over 1 week to go, the team is undoubtedly looking forward to the challenge with the aim to raising £20,000 for mental health and suicide prevention charities in the UK.

HOP wishes the best to our motivated and dedicated sponsor, Louis Alexander and his team members who have a weather window to set off from Dover Harbour between May 5th- May 12th 2022.

To find out more about this inspiring mission and donate, please visit the link below:

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