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HOP welcomes the news from the FSA announcing a consultation on the status of edible insects

16th July 2022

Despite the delay on the edible insect market, the status of edible insects in the UK is now ready to see a new change. The FSA have launched a consultation to set up a Transitional Agreement for insects as food within UK law. This will allow HOP to commence trading on edible insect products to reach our customers and investors.

We have until the 10th August 2022 to submit support!

This is a pivotal turning point for the edible industry as it will allow the British public to begin to benefit from this versatile and sustainable source of food.

The FSA public consultation will soon lead to a Parliamentary debate where we hope to see approval on the arrangement come autumn.

HOP is eager to start shipping products to our customers and vendors as soon as we have the green light. We are excited for our customers to start enjoying our long awaited products!

Dr Geoffrey Knott, Managing Director & Co-Founder of HOP said:

“This is a wonderful and much needed positive step forward for the sustainable edible insect industry to grow in the UK! Allowing edible insects to remain on the market while they go through the long authorisation process is the best thing for the UK's food security, sustainability, the emerging market, and innovative small businesses

Show your SUPPORT for edible insects through the FSA’s consultation!”

HOP will update you on the improving legislation all whilst we endeavour to achieve approval of edible insects within the UK. We are ready to see the growth in our sector and of course, the future in food.

Editor’s Notes

HOP’s motto “Fuel your Future” is based on the fundamental belief to give individuals more control over their long-term health and wellbeing through the foods they eat.

We can provide more information about HOP and the edible insect sector in the UK below.

Primary Contact:

Geoffrey Knott

Managing Director & Co-Founder of HOP

Iuliana Tosh - Editor

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