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Standing up to pollution

In an exclusive interview, world record holder David Haze spoke with HOP about his new frontier in circumnavigating the Isle of Wight to bring awareness to ocean pollution.

David Haze is an adventurer who is a seven times world record holder for stand up paddle boarding (SUP). In a world first, David will be undertaking a mission to circumnavigate the Isle of Wight with one vital exception, this challenge will be the world’s first completely carbon neutral environmentally friendly expedition by SUP.

With the world's diverse marine life changing through external factors such as plastic pollution, David Haze is on a mission to bring awareness to the plastic crisis in our oceans by taking part in a challenge that is 100% carbon neutral. HOP spoke with David about his challenge, he said “ my equipment, to my clothes and to my food will be ethically sourced, carbon neutral, environmentally friendly, preferably 100% recycled, recyclable or leaves no footprint, for example, the board I am using is 100% recycled, as everything was found in a skip destined for landfill.”

David told HOP that he chose to do this challenge because of what he himself saw in the water. He said, “when I achieved my first world record on Loch Awe, I remember looking at the side of the lake and thought to myself, ‘I bet not one human in history has ever step foot here’ as there was no access but yet, I saw a coke bottle on the side and when I achieved my record on the Thames, I was just appalled by the amount of rubbish I saw and I knew that more had to be done, which is why I created 'The Great Green Paddle'. The idea is to highlight the great work all the brands I am working with are doing as well as raising awareness for both Surfers Against Plastic and The Big Plastic Pledge.”

With less than one week remaining, David is on track with completing his training for the challenge ahead, he told us “I have upped my strength & condition and cardio as I get closer to the challenge. The week running up to the challenge I will take on more carbs. The real nutrition test will be when I am actually living out on the beaches for 5 days….I haven't done an environmental challenge but I have undertaken many endurance events. As it stands I have a world record for paddle boarding in the fastest time across the longest lake in Scotland, England, Northern Ireland, Wales, Ireland, Loch Ness and the River Thames.”

To highlight the importance of the oceans around us David said “as well as raising as much money as possible, I want to showcase the work that the brands are doing. I want to encourage more people to think about their habits when it comes to the environment and hopefully make them more aware.”

With the challenge taking place on August 1st 2022, during Cowes Week, you can follow David’s adventure on instagram @nomadicpaddler and donate to the cause here.

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